Interview: Survival of the Fittest's voiceover man, Brennan Reece.

itv's brand new reality show Survival of the Fittest has begun and we know what you're thinking... who's the voiceover man?

survival of the fittest voiceover man.jpg

Well, it's a bloody good comedian called Brennan Reece and he's only gone and given Celebritain an interview.

Here is said interview.


Brennan you're currently on tour, how's that going?

The tour has been amazing, everywhere has sold out so far, which is great considering most people don't know who I am.


Do you read reviews?

I don't tend to.  I read read reviews of Edinburgh shows but that's about it.  The thing with Edinburgh is it's like ten grand to put a show on so if you do it, you want to know that it's worth it! 


What are your thoughts on Edinburgh and Leicester Comedy Festival?

Festivals are great, I love them because they enable comedians to test their shows and the festivals are a real mix of funny people, new people and let's face it, some utter shit.  But that's what they're all about and you always find the audiences in these places are really up for it.  As I said, I love Edinburgh but my only issue is it's so expensive for the comedians to be part of it.

 Brennan Reece ruddy loves a bit of DIY

Brennan Reece ruddy loves a bit of DIY

How did you get into comedy?

Stand up is a hobby that got drastically out of hand. I feel like I've won a competition or something.  I had some shit jobs before it!


What was the worst?

Pizza Hut, a call centre, a fancy dress shop... I worked as one of those charity workers for a day and it was so bad I had to quit.  My mum and dad have always been dead supportive regardless, my sister is in a circus and my brother dos performance stuff.  We're not like our parents at all but they love it. My mum is my biggest fan, she'd love to be my PA if she could. She likes a tweet before I've even sent it!

brennan reece tour.jpg

How did you get the Survival of the Fittest gig?

I got called into a meeting after I'd done some gigs and I think the Producers must have seen me. I didn't actually ask why they'd invited me, I just showed up. I love shows like this so I wasn't going to not turn up.   I was asked to go outside and record some lines so I went out and sat on a kerb and recorded it on my laptop, resting on me knee.  There's me going "this person and that person shagged in a room".    It obviously worked because then I was asked to go to South Africa!


Wait, why did you have to be out there just to record a voice over?

I have no idea! I literally was expecting nothing from this, I can't believe someone paid for me to go to South Africa to do it.  It wasn't necessary for me to be there!


Iain Sterling hasn't done badly out of Love Island has he? Are you next?

Iain Sterling is massive now isn't he, but I literally have no expectations.


Survival of the Fittest has been labelled "winter Love Island". How would you describe it?

It's kind of like the love child of Love Island and I'm a Celebrity.  There are some absolutely brilliant challenges! The group dynamics are great and on this show, yes they're all beautiful but they also all have a lot to offer.

What about yourself, would you do I'm A Celebrity?

I don't have a list of what I would and wouldn't do, let me think though... If someone asked me to do Hunted on Channel 4 I'd do it. I'd just do the normal one cos I'm not a celebrity! I'd do Masterchef or Bake Off, I can cook a bit.   Anything where I don't have to wear sequins I think! 


Before we let you go, when you are you back on tour?

I'm having a little break and then I'm back touring in March! 


Survival of the Fittest continues nightly on itv2.