Love Island preview: Dr Alex feels his chances have flatlined

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After rejection at the first coupling up, and having been snubbed by Hayley during the challenge yesterday, Alex is feeling downbeat and begins to question his long-term future in the villa:

“I think if it came to recoupling, I am on borrowed time at the moment. I think my place on the island is definitely at risk. It’s frustrating because I don’t think I’ve had the chance yet.”

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Speaking to Samira in the garden, Alex discusses the awkward situation with Hayley during the challenge:

“I was a little bit gutted I think, because I was like ‘I’ll go with whoever, just go with it in the moment’ and I just thought ‘right, I’m going to kiss Hayley.’ Everyone’s watching as well, and it’s like another knock. I’ll pick myself up again and I’m just hoping that I’ll meet someone. But I do feel that I’m getting to know everyone a bit more.”

With his frustrations beginning to show, Alex admits “I just want to show everyone inside and outside that I’ve got something to offer here.”

Sympathising with Alex’s predicament, Samira reveals that, while she’s keen to get to know Alex further, he’s still not ticking her boxes:

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“I’m annoyed at myself. It’s such a shame that I’m not attracted to him or that I don’t have this connection with him because he would be a lovely guy to couple up with, with the intention of being in a relationship, but I guess I’m the kind of person where I know what I want and at the minute he’s not what I want, but this is why I want to get to know him.”

Alex’s mood is quickly lifted when he hears about the villa’s impending new arrivals. Hoping that this will be the change in fortune he needs, he announces:

“My wife’s coming in. Wife and mother of my children. You never know.”

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